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Seiho Likes Him Some Janet Jackson: “Someone To Call My Lover (Seiho Bootleg Mix)”

Seiho loves R&B…catch him live, or just listen to any of the tracks he’s released in the past year and that becomes clear pretty fast. This is him putting that interest right into the spotlight. His remix of Janet Jackson’s “Someone To Call My Lover” easily could have been another Seiho track utilizing a vocal sample warped to the edges of the astral plane. It even has his ridiculously tight bass lines, and a general tightness that has come to define his work. But nope, he’s acknowledging Janet big time, and allowing more of her words from the original to come across (he could have sliced this even thinner). Great remix, and another reminder to get pumped for his next full-length out next month. Listen to it…and the original…below.