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Self-Promotion Plus: CUZ ME PAIN And Friends, In The Japan Times

Well this was a fun one. I talked to the fine folks of CUZ ME PAIN…including NITES/Jesse Ruins, the Faron Square dudes and AAPS…and the recently-relocated-to-Tokyo Friends for The Japan Times for an article about bedroom artists in Japan. The article comes complete with a mix that CUZ ME PAIN put together just for the Times, and you should definitely give it a listen because it sounds great. A few other fun tidbits from my trip to Tokyo:

– I accidentally called Atlas Young “Atlas Sound” and sure felt like a buffoon! Thankfully he was cool about it.

– NITES/Jesse Ruins hails from the same prefecture in Japan I currently live in…Mie! Props to him for getting out.

– Speaking of…it can officially be said that Jesse Ruins isn’t a woman. Pay attention other blogs.