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New Cloudy Busey: “Broken By Inertia”

Bob of Osaka indie-pop outfit Ice Cream Shout writes that “Broken By Inertia,” the newest song from his solo project Cloudy Busey, isn’t all that new. “Actually, it’s old as shit,” he writes before revealing the song’s life began about three years ago and that Ice Cream Shout have busted out the tune on the live circuit. Yet “Broken By Inertia” was never properly finalized until Bob saw his DJ partner Paul…who, if we can somehow get an e-mail for, should be showered with praise and e-cards expressing deep gratitude…working on a remix of the track. So now here it is, pulled from the amber and, like the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, wonderfully moving in front of us.

[bandcamp track=2558577623 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Blessed with the same pop sensibility inhabiting the best Ice Cream Shout songs, “Inertia” isn’t quite as friendly as Busey’s previous release “Pound Your Town To Hell” or ICS’s breakout “Tattooed Tears.” Both those songs had their fair share of subversive moments (especially the latter, which mentioned prison shanking), but those instances came wrapped in warm packages decorated with lovely keyboards and bells. “Inertia” is mostly a web of electronics wrapping around itself, less spacious than previous numbers and could probably be tweaked into a CUZ ME PAIN track with a little time. Yet “Inertia” isn’t caught in headspace, as the vocals aren’t swallowed up by the woozy noise and the beat makes sure this could pop up on any indie-pop club night playlist. Bob writes that he’s working on more Cloudy Busey and Ice Cream Shout material, but as much as “Inertia” makes us drool for more, it’s also a great song that deserves your attention.

“Inertia” also serves as the launching pad for Ice Cream Shout’s music video directing life, as the clip accompanying the song…starring member mikafika…is their first “100% original video.” Check it out!

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Cloudy Busey – broken by inertia from ice cream shout on Vimeo.