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SKATEBOARDING BULLDOG!!: Halfby Discovers Internet Memes On “Mad Surfin'”


Despite being a total jabroni when it comes to the language, I still purchase Japanese music magazine Snoozer whenever I can. In this month’s issue…featuring MGMT on the cover in case you are curious…the folks behind the mag interview dance music producer Halfby. Though I have no idea what Mr. Halfby says, I’m positive he’s a really cool and funny guy thanks to the two photos accompanying the story. In the first, Halfby appears to be slow dancing with a sea turtle. In the second, he’s holding a really cute puppy up to the camera. No pretentious “looking out towards the sea” shots here. Just cuddly animals.

That sense of grinning fun manifests itself on Halfby’s latest song-video combo “Mad Surfin’.” The song itself splits the difference between the big Brighton beat of Fat Boy Slim and the all-over-the-place, funny sampling style of The Avalanches, mashing chipmunked rap verses over a huge beat and managing to slip some Bollywood effects into the whole mix. Even better, though, is the YouTube-digging video. which crams surfing clips, Bollywood backyard numbers, asses and Internet memes into one 2:24 package. It’s not just a Digg-approved clip show…a few subtle edits make “Mad Surfin'” feel more like the ironic videos accompanying a lot of DJ sets – for the Chicago people out there, think Flosstradamus. It’s all good fun, and hey, when Megashark makes an appearance I can’t complain.