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Soft And Inviting: Smokebees Tonal Memory

Tonal Memory plucks a few songs featured on Tokyo duo Smokebees early EPs, and turns this into a great gateway into their intimate and at times energetic rock. That seems intentional — the pair have their first full-length album out later this year, and Tonal Memory works as a wonderful gateway into their world. They work best when going soft, whether via the warm acoustic guitar strums of opener “Smokebees” or the more unnerving “Ancient Lies,” which uses muffled vocal samples and guitar distortion to generate tension. But Tonal Memory works because it also shows off their speedier side, such as on the fuzzed-out “Tame The Dog” and the chugging “Eleven Brothers.” As an introduction, it works well, and makes that upcoming full-length all the more interesting. Get it here, or listen below.