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Solitary Skitter: MMEEGG And Abelest’s Lonly You

Acting surprised that a label describing itself as “a platform for free expression” released a skittery pop song seems silly, considering they can do whatever they want. Free expression! But still, up until Midnight Cult has primarily leaned towards darker juke collections, including a set from Traxman and a 2017 highlight via Weezy. “Lonly You” finds artists MMEEGG and Abelest teaming up to create a sparse number that boasts percussion not far removed from juke, but still more reeled in than your usual Battle Train Tokyo fare (though, check the Kokushimusou remix included if that’s more your speed). It ends up being a sweet, albeit very melancholy number anchored by a big emotional hook built to by the pair trading verses. Yet that simplicity makes the central aching come through all the clearer. Get it here, or listen below.