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Something Twee: Weekend Captain’s Cardigan Band

In case you forgot, here’s your weekly reminder that Puffyshoe’s Something Gold deserves your attention. To sum up my super long review in one sentence – it’s an excellent collection of fuzzed-out garage rock with a beating heart underneath. Summed it up in less than a 1000 words this time.

For those converted to the cult of Puffyshoes but looking for something a little more mellow, meet Weekend Captain’s Cardigan Band, featuring Neko Meow of Puffyshoes and Kizuku Suzuki. This duo still boasts the super lo-fi recording sound found on Something Gold, but instead of garage rock smashers WCCB make twee sketches in the vein of The Moldy Peaches. Their songs are extremely simple, maybe even more so than Puffyshoes – “What I Forgot In Your Pocket” head-bobs along on some guitar strums, simple percussion and hand claps. More aggressive and in-line with what Neko’s other outfit produces is “Mr. Mechanical” pencil, a woozy number celebrating the titular character while also declaring “I have no fun in stupid high school.” Though the two then manage a kazoo bridge. A few of Puffyshoes’ trademarks bleed over to WCCB, but Meow and Suzuki manage to lend a simple, indie-pop attitude to the music that makes it a lot more than just a side project.

While we’re here, also spend a little time with the solo recordings of Neko Meows. Whereas WCCB borrows more from the fun side of Puffyshoes, Neko exemplifies the emotionally wrecked side of the project. She also covers Syd Barret’s “Terrapin,” which should be pretty telling. Listen here.