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Space Race: +you & space x’s with u

I don’t normally associate the music coming out of Wasabi Tapes with “space,” but +you’s with u — featuring an assist from space x, up to you to decide if that’s a real artist or a little bit of extra flair to the project — imagines what the wonky label’s attempt at an ambient album might sound like. This release boasts a loose “space” theme, with bits of NASA dialogue sampled throughout and references to the cosmos throughout. Plenty of busier moments appear throughout, like the radio-scramble of “Rocket Or Chiritori” or the dialogue heavy “Aliens.” But the best moments find +you creating stretched-out numbers that feel like floating in a wide space, such as on the twinkling and chilly “Futari Dake” or the calm of “Ecco.” Get it here, or listen below.