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Suiyoubi No Campanella Teams Up With Chvrches For “Out Of My Head”

Link for video viewable outside of Japan here

Well here’s an unlikely collaboration. Chvrches capped off a recent swing through Japan for the Fuji Rock Festival by sharing a new song featuring…Suiyoubi No Campanella (I mean…just KOM_I? Kenmochi Hidefumi involved, because it sure sounds like Chvrches). Hey, now that’s a nice profile raiser. The song itself is very much in line with the fest-ready electro-pop Chvrches have made a career out of, capped off by a call-and-response hook. KOM_I’s big touch comes in the moments where she lets loose and rips off screamed vocals…about social media, nonetheless…to add edge to a group that excels at holding just back from tipping over. Listen above.