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Splashy: Waterprize’s Weird Wind

I’ve been trying to write about Weird Wind, from Tokyo-based artist Waterprize, for like a week now. Or maybe I just really like spending time within this album, one that zips between straight-ahead house (“Momentum”) to vaporous meditations that seem perfect for sitting in a misty forest to just think (“Regret Lingers Still”). Simply being able to move between styles is, in and of itself, nothing special, but Waterpirze nails a consistent vibe throughout, a melancholic feel that surfaces in the woozy rumblings of “Unattended Love” and even in the moments of blurred electronics on the otherwise floor-focused “Deep Sea Evocation.” Save for one moment of pure release — the charged-up “Crossing Symmetry,” Waterprize’s one moment of dizzying joy — it is a somewhat sad electronic set, highlighted by the vocally-manipulated slow drip “Emotional Wall.” Get it here, or listen below.