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Right off the bat – yes, the outfit named themselves STAR GUITAR. They make dance music. The video for “FUTURE” (above) revolves around a train. All those things considered – STAR GUITAR and song-video combo of “FUTURE” don’t sound all that like The Chemical Brothers or resemble “Star Guitar.”

Where the two differ – because they definitely do sound similar at some points – comes when you consider the overall vibe. Chemical Brothers wanted you to take what they tell you, but STAR GUITAR would rather you put the pills down and let your imagination do the work. “FUTURE” bounces along on huge candy-colored synths, like blasting off into space on a Fruit Loop. The small touches, though, go the furthest…the distorted vocals for one, but mostly the wicked flute sample fluttering into the picture that’s soon joined by distant tribal chanting. It’s an idea one wishes would pop up again later in the song because it’s the most unique thing going for “FUTURE.” Still, the rest of the track manages to use relentless, grinning energy to impress. Via SparkPlugged.