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Still Jukin: DJ Kaoll’s “Cloudy To Rain”

Revisiting the Japanese Juke & Footworks Compilation from 2012 — one of several hyper-vital comps put out around that time capturing Japan’s take on juke music — reminds of how many notables took part in that collection. Better still, the bulk of them are still going strong in 2018. Kaoru Nakano contributed a track late to that set, and the Osaka artist — now going as DJ Kaoll — has released plenty of solid juke tracks in the time since. “Cloudy To Rain” adds a dash of late-200s UK dubstep into the mix, starting with a smokey beat that only grows more shadowy as everything rattles ahead. And then late in the song comes another beat, which throws some new energy in and works in some familiar juke flavoring to it. Listen above.