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Stupid Good Energy: Kokushimusou’s Sekigahara / Dorj

The moment that “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)” samples kicked in…knew this was gonna be a blast. The team of Guchon and Hujiko Pro constitute Kokushimusou, and their latest release on Sabacan Records kicks off with a glorious mash-up of sounds, making for a high-energy rush that’s part stupid, part stupid good. So yeah, The Offspring appear, as does The Simpson’s family, Lil John, Daft Punk and more. Part of the thrill is the simple recognition of each bumper-carring into one another, but the team also manage to turn a jumble of pop culture into a real rumbler of a number. “Dorj” opts for energy over recognizable samples, and is more of a demonstration of their floor-focused skills. Get it here, or listen below.