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Summered Up: Motome Nakaji’s “Piña Colada”

A new yearly tradition for me has become looking into the Comiket event (Japan’s largest market for independent comics) and realizing how much music gets released. How much good music. I’ve been having this revelation for four years now, so I probably should just go to Comiket someday, just to see how rich it really is. Like, I’d pay for the full CD of this.

Producer Motome Nakaji’s “Piña Colada” techically did not come out at the latest Comiket event, but rather the one before (edition 87), and was the lead-off track to the Colors compilation released between STRLabel, TechPandarsRecords and Tokyo Audio Waffle. Still, Motome shared the full version on SoundCloud a few days ago, and it’s a driving number featuring hiccuped vocal samples and Jersey Club interludes. It’s a shifty number that’s also big and bright enough for summer. Listen above.