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Sweeter Dreams: Bonjour Suzuki’s “Lollipop Syndrome”

The recently released Lollipop Syndrome mini-album (EP? I don’t even know anymore) is the second album-ish collection put out in 2015 by Bonjour Suzuki, an artist blurring sonic styles and languages together into a hazy mix. “Lollipop Syndrome” the song works as strong an introduction to her sound as anything else in her burgeoning catalog, highlighting her dreamy approach to pop peppered with rap elements (though, as she told me earlier this year, she doesn’t consider herself a rapper, just another Japanese artist playing around with that specific vocal style). It’s “cute,” but not in too overwhelming of a way, the smudged edges adding some mystery to an otherwise sugary pop song. Not sure about the EDM touches though, but otherwise “Lollipop Syndrome” is a good choice for those who need a little blurry pop in their life. Listen above.