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Sweeter Electro: 3tos’ Hen3 Ke3 Ai4

There can be sweetness in hyperactivity. Producer 3tos’ latest collection Hen3 Ke3 Ai4 features four songs loaded up with squishy synthesizer, pitch-shifted vocals and samples. It sounds very much like something that would emerge from the internet…uptempo, bouncy, constantly shifting gears but held together just right. Yet 3tos, for all his sonic restlessness, make sure the heart of his music comes through clearly across these four songs. For all the technicolor blurbles, the words emerging from them are much more vulnerable, whether it be the repeated utterance of “where is my love? / I think I lost my love” on opener “Where Is My Love,” to the optimism (and whistles!) on “We Can Make It Better.”

Also, a song called “Weeaboo,” nice. Get it here, or listen below.