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New Post Modern Team: “Listen To The Music”

Post Modern Team could play this trick, one a lot of indie-pop bands are capable of but which happened to be one the Osaka group did better than most in Japan. From the opening notes of career-highlight “Never Let You Down” and onward, they could make even the hint of wistfulness sound happy, especially when they hit on a particular phrase that they could then milk for all its worth. Even if last year’s Be Forever Young? came up with mixed results, Post Modern Team could hit it at times.

“Listen To The Music,” from forthcoming album Come On Over Now, sticks out because it sounds sad. Or, maybe more accurately, tired, which allows their once skippy playing and vocal delivery to now sound a touch slower. The end result is an indie-pop song that still manages to pull off a nice skip to it — and Post Modern Team’s hook-writing chops remain strong, the titular phrase here sticky as ever — but something about the song feels more downcast. This one gets right to the emotional center, and isn’t worried about any initial confusion. Listen above.

New Post Modern Team: “Boy”

Osaka’s Post Modern Team are joining up with Miles Apart Records for a new collection called New Romances, due out on September 19. They’ve shared the first song from that album, “Boy,” and it’s particularly emotional coming from a group who have always excelled at drilling their emotions home. And as they do so well, the highlight is the hook, wherein they find a good phrase and work it for all its worth. Listen above.

New Post Modern Team: This Time Passing

Ano(t)raks is growing up a bit. The indie-pop focused netlabel has seen its profile rise in recent years, and has been moving into a more physical direction as of late. To cement this, they’ve more or less split the Ano(t)raks brand in two — one side focusing on physical releases, while the newly minted +Ano(t)raks fills the netlabel role. Fittingly, their first online release comes from one of Ano(t)raks finest outfits, Osaka’s Post Modern Team. Their This Time Passing features three new songs, highlighted by the breezy title track and two more aggressive cuts. Get it here, or listen below.

New Post Modern Team: “Listen In The Time”

Sweet, sweet Kansai-region indie-pop disco strut. Courtesy of Post Modern Team, who remain one of the better twee-leaning acts in the country at crafting really catchy music…the sort that sneaks into your head and refuses to leave. “Listen In The Time” could probably drop the guitar solo, but it does make a nice breather between all the sweetly sung words in the hook. Listen above.

New Post Modern Team: “The Girl I Never”

Osaka’s Post Modern Team have dipped their toes in dance-leaning sounds before, but they completely embrace the groove on new cut “The Girl I Never.” Resembling early-day Phoenix, it’s practically picking up where “I Just Wanna Make Love To You” left off sonically. It is as repetitive as their oldest and best songs, but with a more dance-floor-focused mindset. It also trades in the romantic sweetness of early songs like “Never Let You Down” for something a bit more sexual, which is fine although the older material still towers over what they’ve done since, this being a good song but lacking that extra sweetness that made their earliest numbers so gripping. Still, good for dancing. Listen below.