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Taped Up: JIV’s “For You”

Miles Apart Records has been doing something called Cassette Tapes Club for a bit now…as the name implies, they take a Japanese artist and have them release a cassette of songs into various record stores. It’s a neat idea, but thankfully they also post the songs (at least some of them) online so those who don’t rush out to buy outdated music formats*. JIV provide the sixth tape in the series, and the song “For You” makes for a tantalizing listen. It is a driving number drenched in feedback, highlighted by some catchy vocals “woos.” Listen above.

*This is most likely the point of making cassettes, to create scarcity and introduce a barrier to entering a music scene. This is interesting and noble…but also, like, don’t expect tons of attention unless we get another “are tapes the new vinyl again???”