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Night Before Super Bowl Hype Post: Simulacra Featuring Silvanian Families, Quine Ghost And More

I do not have a real rooting interest in this year’s Super Bowl…the closest I come is seeking vague revenge against Seattle for beating my favorite team a couple weeks ago, although really I’m still just more depressed about how they bobbled that game away gahhhhhh…which has freed up plenty of time to do other things and place my emotions elsewhere. It also means I don’t need any pump-up music for the game, so I can look elsewhere. Such as this “liquid music” compilation, which features a handful of solid (heh) songs from Japanese producers. The title track, which open the comp, sets up a bit of a false promise — courtesy of London’s Liquid Holick, it is a thumping affair, a bit harder-edged and floor focused. Although Simulacra approaches this area a couple times more across the album…most notably via Airtoxin’s wonderful, wonky contribution…a large chunk of it is pretty relaxed. Quine Ghost’s haunting “Crawler” is the highlight of the album, a drifting number featuring distorted (and sorta creepy) singing spiked only by some funky bass (but not too funky). Netlabel fixtures Silvanian Families, meanwhile, offer a similarly non-complex track with “Diffsd,” a bubbly number that constantly teases elevation into something more hard hitting…but always settles for reflection. Get it here, or listen below.