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Taquwami Remixes Jesse Ruins: “Truth Of D”

The structure of most of the songs on Jesse Ruin’s 2014 Heartless, in theory, lend themselves well to remix work. Many of the duo’s track were jittery, disruptive creations full of vocal skitters and suddenly jarring noises…they are a few creative tweaks away from being transformed into something more lively. Whether that’s actually a good thing, though, is harder to tell — part of Heartless’ charm lies in how disconcerting it all sounds. Taquwami has it both ways on his rework of “Truth Of D,” keeping all the steel-cold percussion while also adding in a livelier thump and playing up the woozy dream pop side of the Tokyo pair. Taquwami doesn’t make it his own — the Jesse Ruins imprint is all over it — but offers a shimmery new perspective. Listen above.