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New Emerald Four: “Always With You”

Note: I’m going to SXSW for the next week! If you are around, find me and say hello! And with that, keep in mind posts will be a little less this week [more so than they already are!] and when they do go up they’ll be synched with Texas time.

So this is what Kyoto’s Emerald Four sound like happy. Or, at least, chipper. Last year’s breakthrough Nothing Can Hurt Me found the duo floating in space, any attempts at optimism body checked by the ample amount of silence around them. “Always With You” isn’t suffocating, but it is certainly packed tighter than anything on that EP, featuring a bouncy beat (that gets especially slappy at one point) and no shortage of laser sounds and bright electro sounds bopping about. If this is Emerald Four with a little skip in their step, I’m looking forward to their happier days. Listen above.