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Taquwami Shares His 2016 Live Set, Features A Lot Of Unreleased Music

Taquwami, a guy who isn’t a staple on the live music circuit, has been playing more shows in 2016, which is good. Well, unless you can’t get to said gigs (or, uhhhh, can’t stay up all night anymore…damn you aging). Thankfully, he’s uploaded his live set from 2016 to SoundCloud, which you can hear above. A lot of familiar numbers — from last year’s magnificent Moyas EP (“Otogi Bass” with Lil Wayne verses weaved, yes please!) and a bit older, including “Cinderella” and “Kamakura.” That would be fine and dandy on its own, but he’s also included 11 unreleased tracks within, which makes this worth posting even more. It’s a mix of hectic Moyas worthy cuts to helium-injected pop numbers unafraid to spin off into hard-hitting territory…and swivel back in to one of the sweetest alternate-universe-De-De-Mouse passages you’ll hear all year (so maybe he’s doing what he does best…going off in whatever directions he wants at the time). Just go listen, this is better than a lot of full-length albums that have come out.