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THE BEAUTY: “Match Point”

Oh expectations. Though sometimes capable of building a promising-looking group into something they can never actually hope to be, resulting in crippling disappointment, they can also sometimes lead one to believe something won’t be all that good and….zing!….it’s actually amazing. Given the artists I followed to reach THE BEAUTY, I fully expected something that would sound very “chill” and sort of wash over me like a wave. Listening to newest song “Match Point” though and I’m absolutely caught off guard at how danceable it sounds. One of the bigger knocks leveled at chillwave by its detractors is that it’s dance music no sane person could actually dance too…I disagree, but “Match Point” goes out of its way from the start to prove its meant to get people moving. It’s all about the percussion – nothing wimpy here, THE BEAUTY makes sure his drum sounds hit hard and are laid out in a way for maximum movement. The rest of the song shares a lot in common with other sounds coming out of the chillwave movement – synths that seemingly smother everything around them, voices obscured in a haze of technology – but makes sure to keep “Match Point” good for the dancefloor instead of the bedroom. Listen here.