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The Weddings Have A New Album, Unhappy Weddings, Listen To Some Tracks Now

In a strange twist, I actually went to a wedding…well, wedding party, but let’s not split hairs I wore a suit…this past weekend. An admittedly goofy link to this, lo-fi group The Weddings releasing a new album titled Unhappy Weddings, especially as said matrimony didn’t seem unhappy at all. Still, The Weddings have always come off as a twee outfit capable of adding melodrama to even the most upbeat events, their take on Moldy Peaches folk eternally imbued with a sadness they just can’t shake off. Or, in some cases, hate – remember “Fuck Song’s Song?”

Just looking over the tracklisting for Unhappy Weddings…comment on a church ceremony gone awry, or on the duo’s mental state?…reveals the sorta indie pop you can expect. “Unhappy Holiday,” “You Hate Her Pop Love Song,” “Hello My Painful Heart,” “Sad Song.” Even something that looks and sounds slightly upbeat like “He Was Smile” happens to be in the past tense, meaning this is a looking back song meaning melancholy. You can listen to two songs over here, both of which are prime Weddings material, and more samples (plus pre-ordering the CD) over at Jet Set. Hope we are all ready to get a little sadder in the near future.