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The Weddings Team Up With MOL For Split 7″

Been a while since we’ve heard from bedroom-indie-pop outfit The Weddings but, blam, they’re back…with a pal. They’ve teamed up with another Japanese artist, MOL (who, according to MySpace, lives in Mie Prefecture, which is where I am. We sorta famous now!), to release a split 7″ featuring a handful of new songs. Only discouraging news thus far is how few songs from the new record can be heard online – between the two artist’s, only the breezy-fast “Wedding Song” by The Weddings can be heard at the moment. It’s a pretty little piece of Moldy Peaches-esque sing-a-long, complete with lovely violin and giddy claps. Yet it lasts only 1:12 and that’s all you can hear right now. What do you guys expect me to do, pay money for this!?

But seriously go buy this.