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Time And Space: Haretokidoki’s “Kiss Me”

A whole bunch of trends collide together via Haretokidoki’s “Kiss Me,” and this post could be nothing but a connect-the-dots affair. You’ve got the unit itself, which finds producer Brinq working with a woman named Misatsun, in a style not far removed from recent examples like Applekid and Cheap Cream. Then factor in the duo’s decision to lean towards ’80s dance-pop (check the SoundCloud tags on this one), mixed in with some vaguely retro anime art that probably has whoever put together that “La La La Love Song” clip clapping. Everything is happening, at once!

But it’s easy not to get caught up on that because “Kiss Me” the song ends up being far more than thinkbait. While the synthesizer shimmers and bass rumble are pure Bubble Era, Haretokidoki don’t make it sound aged, rather letting everything come off loud and clear without any tricks to score easy nostalgia. Most immediate for me is just how busy it is, along with how Misatsun’s vocals have a faint digital feel to them, like they’ve been grazed by Vocaloid technology. Also, those sing-speak passages. The overall impact is something that feels out of time, wanting to capture the past but aware that, well, it’s in the now. And it’s so catchy! Who needs to dwell on trends when you have a song so alive? Listen above.