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Tomggg, Parkgolf, In The Blue Shirt And Lolica Tonica Remix Henrik The Artist’s

Norwegian artist Henrik The Artist recently shared the buoyant “Peddi Max,” and then got a bunch of pals to remix the colorful hopper. The whole list premiered at Nest HQ, but we will focus on — as you’d expect — the four Japanese producers who put their spin on the track. It’s a netlabel-centric crew, featuring Tomggg bringing his usual cutesy stylings — chimes! bells! hey-hey vocals! — to the mix, while Parkgolf adds a carbonated hop on his take. “Peddi Max” is the sort of song that’s easy to transform into whatever you want, so the highlights are when artists really push it into new territory, introducing new elements that really differentiate. In The Blue Shirt is on a hot streak right now, and his heliumed-up version brings in new vocals and generally zips along faster than the original. Even more unexpected is Lolica Tonica taking it in…like eight directions at once, always on its toes and bringing the energy (complete with cartoon sound effects). Listen to them below (or above in the case of Tomggg).