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Trekkie Trax Crew Prep For West Coast Swing With “Thunder”

The Trekkie Trax Crew — specifically referring to Carpainter, Seimei, Andrew and Futatsuki — are going on a jaunt around the United States’ west coast starting later this week, and in advance of a string of shows in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco, they’ve shared the energy-ball of a song in “Thunder.” It’s a thumping number that builds up — without ever really sounding like it is in that lift process, courtesy of big ol’ electronic pulses running throughout — and blows up into something where sounds are magnified, the easy rush of a typical bass drop replaced by something where individual sounds pop open. It’s big. Nest HQ had the premier, and they also have specific dates for this tour, which you should go to if you can. Listen above.