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Turntable Films Prep A New Mini Album, 10 Days Plus One

Kyoto folk-tinged rockers Turntable Films already dropped one excellent mini album onto the world in 2010, but that hasn’t stopped them from going and recording a potentially stellar follow-up. 10 Days Plus One, a ten-track album featuring the colorful artwork above, comes out sometime in November. Vague, but all good. Check the song list below.

1. Tape Recorder
2. Collection Of You
3. As I Do Now
4. Awake
5. A Monster
6. Scribble On A Paper Bag
7. Lazy Sunday
8. Hawaii
9. Honey Bee’s Bloom
10. Here In My Heart

10 Days will have to live up to some high expectations…two tracks from their earlier Parables Of Fe-Fum mini album are guaranteed to make my top Japanese songs of the year list (what an honor!). If anything comes close to scratching at the greatness of “Hot Tea After Lunch” or, especially, “2steps” well watch out.

Oh, the answer is “11 Days” by the way.