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Takeuchi Denki: “冬のファンタジー”


Perhaps you heard? America had this lil’ election yesterday and the Republicans regained control of the House Of Representatives and grabbed some other important positions AND managed to stop the kush bill in California. The country subsequently burst into flames over this result which certainly isn’t a trend at all, nope. Anyway, my Twitter and Facebook feed is overflowing with sadness/bitterness today so I think people could use a bit of a pick me up. Enter Takeuchi Denki’s new song “冬のファンタジー” a skippy bit of synth-driven pop containing all the pep you’ll need to get through the Rand-Paul-curated end times. As Neaux, who first posted it, notes “it’s happy fun time music” and I can’t write a better description. Complex this isn’t, but Takeuchi Denki found an extremely upbeat melody and clung to it with amazingly cheery results.

For Japanese-based readers – weather sure sucks now, right? Here’s a dandy pop song to make the plummeting temperature…well, still freeze but at least you’ll have a happy song on hand.