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Two For One: Candy Collection (24Poonz) Reproduces Nayutanayuta’s “Stargazer”

Let’s actually start with the original version of “Stargazer,” by “Japanese Gloomy Pop Band” Nayutanayuta. Despite that self-given description, the band’s music can be downright cheery when it wants to be. Last year’s Alice featured plenty of moments where the lead vocals were dipped into digi affects, giving the songs extra sparkle. “Stargazer” — released previously on their second album, but this year beefed up to be their third single — is the band at their most skyward. That effects-soaked voice, for one — but “Stargazer” strikes the right balance between guitar theatrics and whirring synth play, going bigger than a lot of their previous shoegaze work has. Watch the video below.

Electro-pop duo Candy Collection (or, possibly, just member 24Poonz which, yeesh that name) “reproduced” the song for a forthcoming remix collection, and their take isn’t necessarily better — the guitars of the original are a welcome counter to all the electronics — but offers a nice alternate reality where “Stargazer” is totally electronic. It’s a bouncy, slight more busy work, and a nice rework of a very good rock song. Listen above.