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Vocal Studies: Learning And Science Learning And Science EP 01


The electronic pop unit Learning And Science veer between retro and contemporary across the four songs on their debut EP Learning And Science EP 01. From the opening bleeps of “Dagasiya,” the pair establish a throwback technopop vibe, one indebted to the late ’70s/early ’80s vibe of Yellow Magic Orchestra and the many synth-powered outfits that popped up in their wake. Bolstered by all sorts of weird details in the mix, the four songs here are pleasant, bouncy synth-pop numbers that reference a period that has already gone (an emphasis on 8-bit sounds only further underlines this). Yet many of the instruments making up the songs here are modern — despite multiple songs here sounding like they were unearthed off of a floppy disk, Learning And Science utilize something that sounds like Vocaloid at points, technology that is very much of the now. Get it here, or listen below.