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Waiting For It: Banvox’s “You Love”

EDM, contrary to what you might have read, isn’t dead. Maybe it is slowing down in North America or Europe, but it is just hitting its stride in Asia, where festivals continue to do brisk business and K-pop juggernaut SM recently launched an EDM label. In Japan, the style still does well, though one area still lacking is homegrown talent capable of filling huge spaces by themselves. Banvox is one possible contender for that role — a netlabel staple for a while, he’s gone on to appear at Ultra Japan and to soundtrack Android commercials. His newest song, “You Love,” shows his depth. It is a slowly unfolding number, one that makes the most from space as much as it does noise. As it seemingly builds up to the big release…it sucks back in, opting for big chiming bells and a thudding beat. This choice isn’t necessarily novel — plenty others have done it — but Banvox pulls it off well. Listen above.

This is also all a great excuse to post the teaser for his forthcoming collab with American Jersey Club artist R3LL.