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Welcome Back: Charlotte Lovers “Lost Easy Girl”

Inevitably, as you get older, the bands and artists who made you all giddy about music start breaking up and calling it quits, a harsh reminder that nothing is forever and that one day you too shall “go on a hiatus” into the ground. This year alone, I’ve watched Jesse Ruins, Moscow Club and (most recently) Teen Runnings move on, and that’s not counting the ones who dissolved in previous years (and many with less fanfare). One such group…Merpeoples, an outfit who made some of the best nervy indie-rock of this decade, along with some fantastic covers. Alas, they broke up last year.

Yet now here comes Charlotte Lovers, featuring former Merpeoples member Charlotte, and her new song “Lost Easy Girl.” It’s a rubbery new wave number, powered on by bright keyboards and guitar, but leaving enough room for her familiar, soothing vocals to take center light. And smack dab in the middle, a chorus bringing to mind the earworms Merpeoples used to put together so effectively. It’s different, but still feels like a very welcome return. Listen above.

Video also features a baby, so it’s extra wonderful.