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Wan The Track: 7mm’s Dog Compilation

This one isn’t just for fans of dogs — or “doggos,” as the kids call them. Put out by Ayamati-Records and 7mm, this compilation reels in people who are prone to clicking anything with canines on it — so, me — and then hits them with a set of diverse, always energetic dance music, often punctuated by barks. Critically, it never feels like a novelty — sure, a pounding number such as NA7’s “Yokozuna Dog” comes complete with all sorts of yips and yaps, but it all flows with the music around this. It’s the opposite of that Run The Jewels album made out of cat sounds, which was pure meme bait. But something like NOMA’s “Saluki’s Chronicle” works well even without the doggy touches, it’s slow verses leading to big hulking drops…and bouncy interludes. And it always stay morphing, making space for the spacious two-step of Harito’s “Out Of Border” and minter’s electro-throb “Kees Disco” back to back. Get it here, or listen below.