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New Meuko! Meuko!: About Time EP (Featuring Foodman And Satanicpornocultshop)

For the purpose of this blog’s guiding principle, I should focus on the Japanese artists involved in About Time. It comes via Japan’s Kool Switch Works label, and features remixes of the title track by Foodman and Satanicpornocultshop, who both put their disjointed takes on the song. The whole thing is mastered by Metome…so yeah, plenty of entry points into this one for Make Believe Melodies, a blog that has surely never broken aforementioned principle before, nope.

But yeah, the star of this is Meuko! Meuko!, an artist from Taiwan orbiting the Do Hits universe and who is tight with Foodman, and has played Maltine Records events before. About Time showcases everything that has made her such an intriguing name over the last couple of years — the first two songs highlight her approach to constructing music, featuring fractured beats and ominous drone (“Nolovex”), or footwork gone incantation (“High Dryer”). It climaxes with the title track, a slowly unfolding number that puts her lyrics at the front, and morphs from spacious to swift at a disorienting rate. Get it here, or listen below.