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Whisper Voice: Baby (With Haso And Snowdrop)

Whisper-style rapping has been a bit of a trend among women MCs in Japan, highlighted by Bonjour Suzuki and Izumi Makura. Maybe it is a work-around of something MCpero told me last year, when she pointed out it is tough to be forceful like male rappers in Japan. Whatever the reason, it has resulted in some very intriguing music, and now it is trickling down even further. Rapper Baby has, at least based on what I can see, made two songs, most recently the eyes-to-the-ground melancholy of “Sono Soto” (featuring an assist from someone named Haso…they didn’t make the beat though, as that comes courtesy production duo KXT Beatz). What it lacks in energy it makes up for in warmth, Baby’s voice flowing nicely along with the chilled-out beat, her delivery conveying a real sadness at something lost.

For something a bit more upbeat — though still delivered in the same near-whisper that adds a layer of mystery to the way her voice sounds — check out “Day To Day,” which finds her rapping over a more beefed-out track (with flute!) via Osaka hip-hop producer Snowdrop. Listen below.