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Whispery: Buddy, Girl & Mechanic

Buddy, Girl & Mechanic aren’t intimate in the sense that you feel like you are sitting in the same room with them. They are intimate in a way that brings to mind someone sneaking up behind you and whispering words into your ears, startling but also a bit alluring albeit still sorta uncomfortable. BG&M embraces this almost too literally, as the group have decided to record vocals in an up-close way that makes them come off like nothings delivered right at ear level. “Fenix” uses an echo effect to make the words trail off into your brain, sometimes punctuated by sudden sighs or releases. Yet the group’s strongest work comes through on “UltraWitchCraftyFab,” a six-minute inner journey that relies on minimal electronics and a few strange touches to progress down whatever mental river it’s exploring. The vocals seem even more whispered on this track, reverberating off one another like this could be on that Salyu X Salyu album but a bit stranger. This is music that wants to pull you in close. Listen here.