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White Scooper Prep New Album Dazzle, By “Prep” I Mean Release The Whole Thing On YouTube

Remember when MP3s were going to be the death of the music industry, and labels had to stop at nothing to get illegal tracks off of the Internet? The dirty secret of those glory days was that YouTube was way, way worse – while The Web Sheriff zeroed in on blogs, most kids were just going on YouTube where people have uploaded entire albums to listen to new and old music alike. I guess since people couldn’t obtain a file of a YouTube video…though you could if you were smart!…industry insiders weren’t worried. Which was sorta dumb but hey, more tracks online for us!

Tokyo’s White Scooper would have been musical rebels if they had done what they’ve done for their new album Dazzle like five years ago – physical copies aren’t out until next week, but the group went ahead and put the entire thing on YouTube. Check out their YouTube profile for all eight tracks. Maybe not the most tip-top quality, but it is a chance to hear White Scooper’s electro-touched rock jams which are focused enough to be more than just party filler but loose enough to not be Battles-like squat drills. Early highlights – “Winter Hawk” and “Mind Stretcher.” Take some time out from watching old episodes of Full House and spend a little time with this one tonight.