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Yukiyanagi Provides Energy With Bright Green

This week has started off sluggishly (well, for me anyway), so an injection of energy is more than welcome. Thankfully, this past weekend saw the Spring 2018 edition of the M3 event happen, which means a lot of internet-centric artists created new albums and compilations for the gathering…most of which are on the up-tempo side of things. The early standout from the releases available online comes from Yukiyanagi, which features pulsing dance tracks from the titular project along with a handful of other producers. The title track zooms out of the gate, backed by speedy synthesizer bursts and sliced-up vocal samples, while Riku’s “Heartbeat” goes full-on emotional rave. Also worth highlighting is Kotonohouse’s “Monochrome,” which features some lovely woodwind touches that give way to rumbling bass lines. Get it here, or listen below.