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Yuzame Label Soak It Up With Meister, Invite Yunomi, Nyankobrq And More To Relax

The M3 offerings roll on, and this one especially jumps out. The Meister compilation finds Yuzame Label teaming up with Tokyo Sento — a site devoted to providing information about public baths in the capital — for a bath-themed set of songs. As far as tie-ups go, this is one I can get behind. The music here touches on a variety of sounds, from Yunomi’s bubbly collaboration with Rollergirl to a more mid-tempo number from the usually high-energy Nyankobrq that features a heavy layer of Auto-tune singing. The highlight, though, goes to Kiseki’s “Hagoromo Fuze.” The project is a collaboration between Foodman and Bo Ningen’s Taigen Kawabe, and the song is a steam-covered pop number that finds both artists trading verses — including raps — over a beat built for a sauna. Perfect for lightheaded sessions in a hot bath. Get it here, or listen below.