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OMEGABOY Changes Name To Soleil Soleil, Here New Song “To Night”

In 1992, Switzerland selected the song “Soleil Soleil” to represent the country in that year’s Eurovision contest, the annual event where European countries play out diplomatic misgivings with one another by voting against their bad pop music. Performed by Geraldine Olivier, the song was eventually disqualified by the Swiss and replaced by something else.

This story most likely has nothing to do with Osaka’s OMEGABOY, who last week changed his moniker to Soleil Soleil. His first song under that name, “To Night,” doesn’t sound anything like “Soleil Soleil” nor would it get any votes on Eurovision, even if Austria backed it. Like a lot of OMEGABOY’s recent works, “Soleil Soleil” hinges on the sliced-up vocal samples, here a female voice murmuring things like “it’s party time” and seemingly ripped out of a disco or house record. At times the sample sounds a little uneven – sometimes the voice stops abruptly, a party foul if there ever was an audio party foul – but the real strength of “To Night” is the vocals. Soleil Soleil has been getting better at making fuzzy electronic dance tracks that actually sound like they could be played by a DJ rather than by a MacBook in a bedroom. Would like to hear just an instrumental of this. Listen below.

New OMEGABOY: “Heaven On Hearth”

[vimeo w=500&h=375]

Here in Japan, today isn’t just an ordinary Friday full of people grinning and bearing one more day of work so they can get to the sweet, sweet weekend. Next week is Golden Week, a time of the year featuring three national holidays, meaning a lot of vacation time for a lot of people, with some folks busting out days off to make it an entire week of escape. Whether one stays at home or travels doesn’t really matter – the key is it’s time away from work (again, for a lot of people) and that is reason to celebrate, especially in an overworked country like Japan. Osaka’s OMEGABOY has just the lo-fi dance anthem to kick off Golden Week, the I-am-not-sure-if-it-is-a-spelling-mistake-or-not “Heaven On Hearth.” As evidenced by the VHS-quality footage making up the above video, OMEGABOY wants this to be the sort of delirious song people really cut loose to and, bedroom-recording quality aside, it seems focused purely on the physical.

Moscow Club Present Japanese Indie-Pop Compilation, Featuring Occult You, Super VHS And OMEGABOY

International Tapes debuted this over the weekend, but in case you missed it here is a reminder: Moscow Club helped to organize the Ç86 compilation, a collection of indie-pop-leaning artists (I mean, check the name of the comp again) that the group put together in time for the Spring. It’s a pretty great introduction to the country’s contemporary indie-pop scene. The compilation features pretty faithful recreation of 80’s indie-pop courtesy of The Moments, It Happens and Lilacs. The tape also gives some room to the producer-fantasies of Occult You and OMEGABOY, as while as a back half bordering on ambient. It’s not perfect – some of the sparse electronic songs drag, while Slow-Marico’s dentist drill of a song makes a pretty good case against noise – but when stuff like Super VHS’ bouncy “Not Too Late” plays this tape seems vital, a great digital object highlighting some exciting artists.

The best songs, though, come courtesy of Moscow Club themselves. Last year, they jumped between straight-ahead indie-pop goodness (“Daisy Miller,” “Bikinikill”) and electro-tinged compositions (“Pacific 724,” “Echo Beach”). Here, they make a truce between the two, decking their twee songs out in Christmas lights and letting them twinkle away. They lack the emotional ooooomph of a “Daisy Miller,” but still sound like a step forward for Moscow Club sonically.

Get it here.

Kansai Update: Madegg, OMEGABOY And INNIT (Tessei Tojo, Ket-Suice, Mononomonooto And Fumitake Uchida)

I don’t know how these kids do it, but the beat scene in Kansai has given rise to a group of young artists capable of just firing off tracks. So…here’s a collection of tracks from some of the best around. First off, Kyoto’s Madegg just doesn’t rest. Fresh off releasing a (very good) album on Flau Records, he’s posted several new songs, most prominent of the lot a long-banging number called “19.” Over the past few months, Madegg has tried on new styles like he’s buying back-to-school clothes at Uniqlo, and with “19” he takes a stab at dubstep. Not the bass-heavy drop-stravaganzas Skrillex makes and are talked about by anyone who reads Rolling Stone, but rather the dubstep of 2008. Madegg stretches “19” out to seven minutes, yet each one ends up mattering. Listen below.

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A little to the south, in Osaka, OMEGABOY continues experimenting with his brand of bedroom-dance music. New cut “Homeo Kamoe” comes off as louder than some of his older releases, but the chaos blends into a cohesive track that is easy to get lost in. Listen below.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Finally, electronic-event INNIT posted a collection of four songs recently from artists who brought music to the last event in Osaka. The four producers selected – Tessei Tojo, Ket-Suice, Mononomonooto and Fumitake Uchida – certainly fit into the experimental-beat scene INNIT promotes, and each track is worth your time. I’m especially fond of Mononomonooto’s inclusion, which incorporates sounds of youth into the mix.

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New OMEGABOY: “To Night” And “The Best Sexy Dance 1996”

I gushed about TalkingCity1994, OMEGABOY’s band project, yesterday. He’s been keeping just as busy on the solo front too, releasing two new songs in the past few days. The latest, “To Night,” finds the Osaka producer wiping the dusty 80’s vibes off of his sound in favor of more straightforward dance stuff. Makes sense, considering his work in TalkingCity1994 saw him realizing his potential with that type of style. Listen to that below.

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More impressive, though, is the awkwardly titled “The Best Sexy Dance 1996.” Once again, this one (at first) seems focused solely on the floor. The majority of “Sexy Dance” pulses forward courtesy of strobing synths that bring to mind the point in a night out where sleep deprivation starts kicking in, but not to the point where you want to collapse onto the club’s ground. It’s the blurry state of mind brought on by one too many intoxicants that feels like real escape, late-night ecstasy. “Sexy Dance” would be cool enough for the five minutes it indulges in this loopy rave, but then OMEGABOY pulls a Rapunzel8083. “Sexy Dance” transitions into a slightly more aggressive bit featuring the same John Cena sample he’s used before, but now he’s warping it into something new. Listen below.

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