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Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Clear Vocals: She

Another day, another lo-fi artist (read: dude who can’t afford studio time) making fuzzy rock songs that are way better than they have any right to be. She, hailing from Gifu prefecture, makes static-ey songs where the vocals get completely swamped by feedback to the point of being barely there. Sometimes this formula fails…see “Sun Set Beach,” wherein all the extra noise only adds a headache…but for the most part She finds way to make the clutter integral to the music itself. The bouncing “She Came From India” makes its ’60s feel clear via the Nuggets’ beat and guitar line, She’s vocals sounding as if they were recorded in the room next door, a room that also happened to be made of pillows. “See Your Face” lets the fuzz wash over every instrument and sound, mimicking a Yo La Tengo track that’s been recorded on a broken stereo (a Times New Viking track?). The mysterious performer hits his stride on two instrumental pieces, “No. 3” revealing She harbors a slight fascination with the 80s (check those synths) and “No Name” showing just a little admiration for Coldplay (piano!). Listen here.