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Controlled Karaoke: BIEBS-KUN! Justin Bieber Goes To Osaka, Raps About


Oh lord how did I miss this. I live an hour from Osaka, and the one weekend I decide not to go into the big city also happens to be the one weekend tween-heartthrob Justin Bieber happens to visit. Above you can see “Bieber-kun” stop by a morning television show, and below you can see him wandering the streets of Osaka and being a tourist. He also sings an acoustic rendition of his smash hit “Baby” (it’s this writer’s opinion that SKIP) and busts out a freestyle rhyme at the end of the clip about his day, declaring “the sushi is really great, it’s probably number one.” Not as hot as his other freestyle but hey, BIEBS IN JAPAN. Wearing hipster glasses…
アップロード者 pubjapaned. – ウェブカムでもっといろいろな人と出会いましょう。

(Thanks to Japan Probe for posting this first.)