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That’s The Spirit: Ffeeco Woman

For every precisely-tuned Perfume or labored-over Arashi, there is at least a basement-venue’s worth of musicians who get by on sheer enthusiasm alone. The sing-a-long indie-pop fuzz of The Weddings or the trippy DIY recordings of Foreignland stand out immediately amongst the sea of similar bands armed only with some instruments and a cheap means of recording. Ffeeco Woman exist within the same brimming-with-spirit universe, but let it out via no-frills hollerin’ punk rock loaded with shouts. Check “after party morning,” wherein Ffeeco barrel forward like barflies making for the bathroom before launching into frenzied unison chanting. It’s catchy rock in the vein of 90’s California punk-pop, the band able to overcome sub-standard recording to make energized and super-fast songs. I’ll be honest – I tend to give a little bit of leeway to group’s like Ffeeco Woman, who might have more energy than technical chops. But when the results bum-rush your head so well, who cares? Listen here.