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Controlled Karaoke: New Utada Hikaru Video Sorta Kinda Rules


Utada Hikaru’s new song “Goodbye Happiness” comes with a swell new video worth watching. The little “U Tube” logo in the corner should tip you off, though probably not as much as the from-a-web-cam perspective that it’s a send-up of all those devilspawn performances making up 60 percent of YouTube (which, ironically, are all that come up on the “related videos” screen at the end of this). Ya know, except with better production values and lacking some moron playing an acoustic guitar version of a rap song. Hikaru charms the heck out of this video by working goofy dancing, puppets and a disco ball amongst other schtick. A few folks online have criticized this clip for being too long, one (I paraphrase) pointing out at three minutes this would be “cute” but at five…not so much. I think they might be confusing the words “video” and “song” – the actual “Goodbye Happiness” track definitely runs out of steam after about three-and-a-half minutes but the video manages to never really sag that badly, definitely ending up the most fun part of “Goodbye Happiness.” Enjoy above.