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Cosmic Ripple: Uchu Nekoko’s And Lovely Summer Chan’s “Hibi No Awa”

One of the best new(ish) names to pop up frequently this year has been Lovely Summer Chan. So far, she’s released a collaborative EP with producer Yoshino Yoshikawa through Maltine Records, joined up with For Tracy Hyde and now collaborated with Uchu Nekoko on one of the better shoegaze songs I’ve heard as of late. A lot of why it stands out from the hazy, chugging lot is Lovely Summer Chan’s singing, a distinctive sigh of a delivery that cuts through the guitar squall and gives the song a more immediate sweetness that can sometimes get lost when buried too deep (and you have to be good to pull that off, not just own Loveless). “Hibi No Awa” strikes just the right balance and hints that Lovely Summer Chan might be the best person to call up if you want a winning collaboration at the moment. Listen below.