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WSZ80 Remixes Miila And The Geeks’ “Worst Words”

Who knew phone noises could be so weird? Producer WSZ80 rounds out the new Miila And The Geeks 7″ Three Songs with a remix of the group’s “Worst Words,” which makes great use of “the number you have reached is not in service” messages throughout his version of the song. The rest seems like a typical rework at first brush…a rock song made more “dancey” courtesy of additional beats and electro sprinkles placed over the original’s unsettling vocals. Yet WSZ80 doesn’t claim “Worst Words” as his own here, but rather manages to keep his remix of the track in line with Miila’s aesthetic…which is really a drawn out way of saying this stuff still seems kind of creepy. Miila And The Geeks take typical lo-fi garage rock and pulp it up with odd vocals (here, check) and most prevalently untethered saxophone. WSZ80 pulls off similar tricks with the phone samples, but also scatterbrained electronics and a late pulsing noise that brings to mind The Geeks’ slippery sax work. What could have been a phoned in remix ends up being anything but. Listen below.