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Fogpak #17 Rises, Featuring Chanbe, Yackle, Bruno Uesugi And More


Just in time for the supermoon yesterday, Japan’s premier indie electronic compilation series Fogpak returns with volume 17, boasting a theme of “moon.” As usual, the folks behind the collection put the spotlight on rising producers from across Japan — and around the globe — with this edition featuring plenty of highlights. In general, #17 is a high energy affair, featuring an ample about of skittery beats (Nagano’s Moment delivering a highlight utilizing such on “Sensitive Heaven”) and anti-gravity drops (OK, this is mostly accomplished by Bruno Uesugi and Yackle’s sparse “Lunar Beach,” my vote for most theme-appropriate cut here). Moments here definitely slow down and get downright strange — see Chanbe’s air-absorbing slow jam “Silhouette” or the vocal-tripping workout of Yasuha.’s “Crescent.” As usual, a great set where you are encouraged to find your personal favorites.

Oh, and special shout-out to producer HOZi, who covered Sheena Ringo’s “Marunouchi Sadistic” using talk box, which is…new. Get it here or listen below.