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Great Single I Missed: Loves. “Call Me”

A quick history lesson: their once existed a stellar Japanese rock band called (awesomely) Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her. They made some great music and, real talk, were one of the first Japanese bands to really hit me and thus were integral in you reading this sentence right now. That group broke up a while ago, but one former member, Aiha Higurashi, started a new project called Loves. Her new outfit released the single “Call Me” but I’m just getting around to writing about it now, spurred by list construction. “Call Me” sounds more twee than the pointy rock Seagull Screaming used to make, but Higurashi and co. make it work. Loves.’ latest boasts an emotional wrecking ball of a chorus, what seems like a wordless shout that’s actually words just darting upwards into unrecognizable blobs. It’s an achingly pretty song, which you can hear in sample-size at Loves. MySpace. Or buy the 7″ from Flake Records, where I got it!